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Professional hygiene of the oral cavity

Professional oral hygiene is a set of measures aimed at eliminating hard and soft plaque.

Why is this done?

During professional oral hygiene (brushing), the dentist evaluates the condition of your teeth and gums.

Detects caries, chipped teeth and restorations at an early stage, which, in turn, allows you to timely eliminate these problems.

It controls the condition of the gums, as hard and soft dental deposits adversely affect them and exacerbate the disease.

Professional oral hygiene allows you to remove mechanically irritating factors on the gums, polish the surface of the teeth. Which, in turn, provides a smooth surface on which there are fewer points of retention (delay) of food.

Thus, timely professional oral hygiene allows you to extend the life of restorations, orthopedic structures and stabilize the condition of the gums.

Professional hygiene (cleaning) of the oral cavity should be carried out on a regular basis (every 6 months).

Benefits of Oral Hygiene at iStomatolog

  • Using the Prophyflex and Air flow
  • Allows you to whiten your teeth half a tone or tone
  • Fast and painless brushing
  • Diagnosis of teeth DIAGNOdent KaVo

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