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Installation of a zirconia crown and its advantages

The best properties of zirconia crowns are:

flawless aesthetics due to the broad choice of colors and transparency of the zirconium carcass;

strength which is provided by the milling technique (i.e., cutting out of the block) using computer technology;

the possibility of producing dental bridges in the absence of one or more teeth and splinting using dental bridges.

Zirconia crowns are an excellent choice when you need to install not just one but several adjacent crowns ( dental bridge ) without losing aesthetics and while maintaining strength.

Installation of a zirconia crown and its advantages

  • Ability to withstands the load of up to 400 MPa
  • Weightless design
  • Transparent and color are identical to natural teeth
  • 12-month warranty

It is possible to design:

  • zirconium constructions (crowns and dental bridges  ) together with applying special dyes to reproduce individual peculiarities;
  • applying special ceramic materials to a zirconium carcass  (the zirconia crowns with a ceramic lining).

The optimal option is selected by the dentist and agreed upon with the patient.

Zirconia crowns  are used to make structures that vary in length (this could be a single crown or a bridge of 14 teeth), at the same time, the accuracy of the procedure remains very high thanks to the computer milling technique.

This type of crowns can be installed on both teeth and implants.

The enormous benefit of zirconia crowns is their small weight which is very important when splinting teeth of varying mobility. In this case, the ultimate goal is to distribute the chewing load between the teeth of a certain group.

Strength, aesthetics and lightweight properties are the main features of zirconia crowns.

Installation of a zirconia crown takes several stages:

  • tooth preparation (removal of the old crowns, root canal and caries treatment, making an inlay if necessary);
  • taking dental imprints;
  • testing and improving the color and shape (if necessary);
  • installation of the final construction with special composite materials;
  • installation of the final construction with composite materials
  • polishing the transition line between crown and tooth.

Indications to the use of zirconia crowns

  • Significant destruction of the teeth
  • Lack of one or more teeth
  • Changes in the color, shape, size and position of the teeth in the tooth row
  • Installation of a crown on the implant
  • Dental splinting
  • Allergy to metal
  • High dental abrasion and decrease in occlusion height

How much does a zirconia crown cost?

To get an accurate cost estimation of a zirconia crown as well as the preceding dental treatment, book a consultation at iStomatolog. Upon examining the oral cavity and an X-ray analysis, our dentists will determine the optimal treatment and inform you on the exact cost and timeframe.


10 EUR

Zirconium dioxide frame

250 EUR

Payment for all services is made in the national currency of Ukraine - Hryvna.

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