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Vector therapy of teeth

What is vector therapy?

It is a painless and highly effective therapy for prophylaxis and treatment of such periodontal diseases, as gingivitis, periodontosis, and periodontitis. A gentle and soft removal of bacteriological biofilm and dental residues (plaque and tartar) by the means of indirect binding of ultrasound energy is one of the main features of this type of treatment.

The treatment causes no damage to solid tissues or injury to soft tissues.

Moreover, the effectiveness of root treatment is radically higher thanks to the suspension that contains microparticles of hydroxylapatite.

Lateral vibration does not irritate the gum tissues of periodontal pockets and does not damage the surface of dental roots.

Dental plaque, tartar, biofilm, and bacteria are removed by vibration of liquid around the special instrument. They are eliminated from the root surfaces to the very bottom of a periodontal pocket, even in the places which are hard to reach in the anatomic sense, like bifurcations (root conjunctions), without causing any tissue damage.

Effective dental therapy at iStomatolog

  • Painless and highly effective
  • Treatment of hard-to-reach spots
  • Without surgical incisions

Basic and undisputed advantages of vector therapy

  • Non-contact cleaning of the surface of dental root with the help of an ultrasound impact of special liquid
  • Absolutely pain-free
  • Antibacterial effect this contributes to an effective reduction of inflammation
  • The possibility of treatment of spots which cannot be reached by other dental tools (root junction and root ramus), as well as the entire surface of the tooth, without missing any bacteria accumulations.

In the result, we eliminate all microorganisms which cause the inflammation and then launch the healing processes of periodontium. 

Stages of vector therapy

  • Checkup, diagnostics, composition of a treatment plan
  • Professional removal of dental residue
  • Carrying out the first vector therapy session
  • In 14 days, conduction of a second therapy session
  • Afterwards, the removal of dental residue and the supportive vector therapy will be conducted every six months. 

Primary, secondary, and supporting vector therapies diverge from one another due to the use of different nozzles for the medical apparatus and different medical fluids.

What is the cost of vector therapy?

You can get the information regarding all stages of periodontitis treatment, with regard to your clinical case, using vector therapy in the course of a consultation at the iStomatolog center.


10 EUR

Payment for all services is made in the national currency of Ukraine - Hryvna.

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