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Crown for the tooth for 1 day

CEREC is a system that produces crowns, veneers, lumineers, inlays, lining, bridges in one visit without the use of impressions.

CEREC is a digital method of ceramic restoration that perfectly follows the shape of the crown of the tooth and provides a quick restoration of the masticatory function and aesthetics.

Today, we can put the crown on the tooth on the first day of the visit, that is, for ONE DAY.

What are the benefits?

  • The work time is reduced at times, from 2 hours to 1 day (not 10-14 days, as it was before)
  • Removal of impressions is not necessary, which is very important for patients with elevated emetic reflexes.
  • High accuracy - due to digital technologies.
  • Reduction of overload of the temporomandibular joint due to the accuracy of the work.
  • High-quality materials (blanks) for the manufacture of crowns, in terms of their characteristics are as similar as possible to tooth tissues.
  • A wide range of colors makes it possible to reproduce a restoration similar to a living tooth.



    Using a special camera, the tooth is scanned and information is transferred to the computer


    The doctor models the future restoration on the monitor screen, beyond which the patient can observe


    Тhe data is transferred to a high-precision professional router and from the special unit cuts out the finished restoration

    Why iStomatolog?

    • With CEREC, we are the best, because CEREC is the best the patient can get.
    • Today, the figure gives almost limitless possibilities for aesthetics and functionality of teeth, and computer modeling makes it possible to obtain the most accurate in form and color result.
    • Our team works intensely, and responsibly. Thus, we were able to earn the attention and trust of clients and patients. We treat customer problems as our own and always do more than expect from us.
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