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Non-metal ceramic crowns

Non-metal ceramics is a perfect tool in terms of aesthetics and strenght.

When installing these crowns on the tooth, a chemical bond is used to obtain a monolithic tooth -crown construction.

The absence of a metal carcass provides refraction which is identical to the tissues of the tooth.

In terms of durability, aesthetics and strength, non-metal ceramic crowns surpass the restoration of the "dead" teeth using dental filling materials and cores (dental crown buildup).

This type of crowns can be installed on teeth as well as in case of a periodontal disease and allergy to metal.

Benefits of installing metal-free crowns at iStomatolog

  • Beautiful aesthetics coupled with great pressure enduring properties (350-400 MPa);
  • Durability of ceramic crowns
  • Healthy gum tissue (no bluish or grayish edges)
  • 36-month warranty

Indications to the use of metal-ceramic crowns:

  • significant destruction of the crown part of the tooth which makes it impossible to use the filling material to achieve complete restoration of the anatomical form while preserving its function;
  • aesthetic requirements, e.g. changing the color of the tooth in case teeth whitening procedures cannot be applied (e.g., a long-lasting use of some medications causes the so-called internal coloring which makes teeth whitening ineffective);
  • gum diseases (gingivitis, paradontosis and periodontitis);
  • changes in the shape, size and position of the teeth in the tooth row (installed on the "live teeth", in some cases being an alternative to using dental braces for correcting turns/tilting/displacement of teeth);
  • high dental abrasion and decrease in occlusion height.

Benefits of using non-metal ceramic crowns:

  • an insignificant amount of tissues which must be removed (e.g., metal-ceramic crowns require to remove 1.5 to 2.5 mm) makes it possible to install non-metal ceramics on the "live" teeth without any risk of future complications such as pulpitis or periodontitis;
  • locating the ledge on which the crown is placed above the level of the gum which eliminates the gum trauma and prevents the development of gingivitis and localized periodontitis. As a result, the look and feel of the crown and adjacent tissues remain intact for much longer.

Installation of a non-metal ceramic crown takes several stages:

  • tooth preparation (root canal and caries treatment, replacement of poor-quality fillings, making a frame if necessary);
  • taking imprints;
  • testing and improving the color, shape and size (if necessary);
  • installation of the final construction with composite materials and polishing the transition line between crown and tooth.

How much does a ceramic crown cost?

To get an accurate cost estimation of a ceramic E.max Press crown as well as the preceding dental treatment if necessary (root canal treatment, removal of the old crowns, caries treatment, etc.), book a free consultation at iStomatolog.


10 EUR

Temporary crown clinic

35 EUR

Non-metal ceramic crown

250 EUR


220 EUR

Payment for all services is made in the national currency of Ukraine - Hryvna.

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