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Сeramic dental crowns

Why are metal-free crowns very strong?

Metal-free ceramics are an ideal tool in terms of aesthetics and strength for dental crowns, inlays, and bridges.

When installing ceramic dental crowns, a chemical bond is used, allowing for a monolithic construction of the tooth-crown structure.

The absence of a metal framework provides material light refraction identical to that of the tooth tissue.

Metal-free ceramic crowns largely surpass the restoration of "dead" teeth on pins (tooth build-up) in terms of strength, aesthetics, and durability.

This type of dental crown is installed on both "live" and "dead" teeth, as well as in cases of periodontal disease or metal allergy.

Indications for installing a ceramic crown

Extensive damage to the coronal part of the tooth where it is impossible to achieve complete restoration of the anatomical shape while preserving its function with filling material
Aesthetic requirements - if it is necessary to change the color of the tooth when whitening systems are ineffective (prolonged use of certain medical preparations can cause so-called internal staining, where whitening is ineffective)
Associated gum diseases - gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontosis
Changes in the shape, size, and position of teeth in the dental arch (they are installed on "live teeth," and in some situations, they are an alternative to using a bracket system to correct rotations/tilts/misalignments of teeth)
Increased tooth wear, decreased bite height

When can't ceramic crowns be placed on teeth?

Ceramic crowns cannot be installed when one or more teeth are missing since bridge prostheses are not made of ceramics. Prostheses made of ceramics are not recommended for patients:

  • with pronounced bruxism and hypertonicity of chewing muscles;
  • with a lack of a large number of molar teeth and overload of the remaining teeth (for example, if there are no lateral teeth, installing ceramics on the front teeth is not advisable, as there is a high risk of fracture);
  • with epilepsy or established epileptic status (during an epileptic seizure, there is strong muscle tension and jaw clenching);
  • engaging in sports associated with a high risk of injury (boxing).

Ceramic crowns can be installed despite these contraindications, but the risk of prosthesis fracture is very high.

The advantages of a ceramic dental crown

The small thickness of tissue that is removed (for metal-ceramic crowns, this range is 1.5-2.5 mm) makes it possible to install metal-free ceramics on "living" teeth, without fear of future complications such as pulpitis or periodontitis.
The location of the ledge, on which the crown is placed, is above the gingival margin, which prevents trauma to the gingival margin and prevents the development of gingivitis and localized periodontitis.

Stages of the installation of metal-free ceramic crowns at iStomatolog in Kyiv

1 Stage


Selection of ceramic crown material, determining color. Tooth preparation: root canals filling, caries treatment, core build-up.
2 Stage


Scanning of jaws with a digital camera (without taking impressions).
3 Stage

Computer modeling

Digital modeling of a metal-free ceramic crown.
4 Stage

Milling the crown

Sawing out the crown with a milling machine for 10 to 15 minutes.
5 Stage

Crystallization or sintering

High-temperature treatment of the crown (up to 1530 degrees) under pressure for 25 to 90 minutes.
6 Stage

Individualization with stains

Ceramic stains and glazes are applied and the crown is fired for 11 minutes.
7 Stage


Fixation of the finished crown to the tooth with the help of photopolymer cements.

Photos "before and after" of ceramic crown

The advantages of ceramic crowns at iStomatolog in Kyiv

  • We fabricate ceramic crowns in 1 day
  • High aesthetics with the highest strength among other materials (load up to 350-400 MPa)
  • Durable dental crowns
  • Healthy gum tissue (without blue-gray edge)
  • 12 Months guarantee

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    What are the benefits of ceramic crowns?

    The benefits of ceramic dentures for teeth are due to the physical and chemical properties of ceramics:

    • a variety of colors and shades;
    • variations in transparency;
    • chemical bonding with dental tissues;
    • excellent polishability;
    • high strength;
    • biological inertness.

    Advantages of ceramic crowns when placed on teeth:

    • do not change shade or color over time; they are not impregnated with food colorings;
    • the surface of the crowns does not lose its gloss and is practically indestructible;
    • dental crowns made of feldspar ceramics have an ideal aesthetics and maximum proximity to the dental tissues through the effects of translucency and opalescence;
    • high strength when applied to the tooth (ceramics is treated with hydrofluoric acid, which allows a chemical bond with dentin and enamel, the bond of ceramics with enamel is several times stronger than with dentin, which is why a minimum sawing of the tooth under the crown and the installation of ceramic crowns on teeth alive)
    • the possibility of making thin crowns;
    • minimum machining of the tooth, there is no need to remove the nerves in the tooth before placing the crown;
    • do not irritate the gum tissue, because the material is bioinert (safe in the presence of gum diseases or intolerance to metals)
    • do not erode their teeth - antagonists or fillings on the teeth;
    • with the digital method of manufacturing, ceramic crowns perfectly follow the contours of the tooth, which eliminates the possibility of a tooth under the crown being affected by decay.

    How long do ceramic crowns last and when should they be replaced?

    Ceramic crowns do not deteriorate over time and do not lose their properties. Qualitatively made ceramic prostheses fit snugly to the tooth, and the penetration of microorganisms under the crown is impossible.

    With age, changes in the dentoalveolar system occur: the height of the bone decreases and part of the root may become exposed. It is necessary to carefully monitor the hygiene of the teeth and oral cavity to prevent the development of root caries and its spread under the crown.

    Subject to the recommendations of the dentist and the absence of common serious diseases (oncological, autoimmune diseases), the service life of ceramic crowns is 10-15 years.

    What are the possible complications after dental prosthetics with ceramic crowns?

    There may be several unpleasant manifestations when installing any crown, including ceramic ones.

    1. Pain when biting down on the tooth with the crown. Causes: the crown is too high and needs to be adjusted to the bite; inflammation of the tooth nerve or root canal - crown removal and treatment / re-treatment of the root canals may be necessary.
    1. Pain in the joint. The crown height is too high.
    1. Bleeding gums. The edge of the crown is hanging over or there are remnants of cement - polishing of the crown and removal of cement are performed.
    1. Food getting stuck between the crown and the tooth. This indicates insufficient contact between the tooth and the crown. The contact can be tightened by adjusting the crown or, in the case of tooth decay, by filling the tooth and modeling a tighter contact.
    1. Increased sensitivity of the tooth with the crown. It often goes away on its own within 10-14 days. However, if it persists and the reaction to cold/hot only intensifies, consultation with the treating doctor is necessary.
    1. The crown has darkened or changed color. The color of the ceramic cannot be changed, but since such crowns have high light transmission properties, the color change of the tooth under the crown will be manifested as a darkening of the crown. The tooth can change color in the presence of chronic inflammation of the nerve, an untreated root cyst, or the intake of certain medications.

    These complications do not pose a threat to the health and life of the patient, but timely examination and diagnosis by a dentist will help solve the problem quickly and with minimal financial expenses.

    Price for ceramic crowns

    Full Price list of dental clinic services is available at the following link 


    The cost of dental prosthetics primarily depends on the type of prosthesis: removable or fixed. Fixed prostheses include crowns, veneers, overlays, the cost of which, in turn, depends on the material used (ceramic, zirconia, metal-ceramic, E.max). At iStomatolog Center, we always try to offer the patient several options for prosthetics at different price points, with descriptions of drawbacks, advantages, and future prospects.
    The manufacture of a removable prosthesis (plastic or clasp) takes about 7-10 working days. A crown "turnkey" can be made within 2-3 hours in one visit. Total prosthetics with crowns (all teeth) takes at least a month, and if temporary crowns are needed, more than a month (for example, with increased tooth wear and the need to raise the bite, intermediate temporary crowns are made).
    Dental prosthetics can be removable (plastic, acrylic, clasp prostheses) and fixed (crowns, veneers, overlays, bridge prostheses). Fixed prostheses can be temporary (made of plastic or PMMA) and permanent (ceramic, zirconia, metal-ceramic, E.max). Crowns can be made on teeth or implants. In the case of implantation on an edentulous jaw, a temporary removable plastic prosthesis is made during the period of implant integration. The optimal type of prosthetics can only be suggested by a doctor, taking into account the clinical situation.
    The best prosthetics are those selected for a specific clinical situation, allowing for full restoration of chewing function with high aesthetic characteristics. The best dental prosthetics should first and foremost improve the patient's quality of life.
    When recommendations for use and care are followed, the service life of removable prosthetics ranges from 3 to 10 years, while non-removable prosthetics can last 10 years or more. The service life of a prosthesis can be both increased and decreased. For example, two patients have crowns on two adjacent teeth, but the first patient has all teeth on both sides, and the chewing load is evenly distributed among all teeth - in this situation, the crowns will last up to 20 years. The second patient has no chewing teeth on one side, so the chewing load is distributed among the remaining teeth, including those with crowns, and these crowns will last less than 10 years. The service life of a prosthesis also depends on the condition of the tooth it is attached to, the presence of gum disease, and other factors.
    Сeramic dental crowns

    Article author:

    Olena Daynetska, chief Doctor of iStomatolog Dental Center

    During a consultation at iStomatolog dental clinic, you have the opportunity to receive digital and video diagnostics, a detailed treatment plan, as well as the overall cost of all stages of treatment.

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