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Ceramic crowns on implants

Experts at iStomatolog will help you choose the best material for installing the crown on the implant.

Today, the choice of crowns for implants is quite diverse. In addition to the classic non-metal E.max Press crowns (ceramic crowns on implants), zirconia crowns with or without ceramic lining , metal crowns (using titanium or cobalt-chromium), we can offer our patients BioHPP system made by the German manufacturer Bredent. This is a new class of carcass materials for dental prosthetics which has a high elasticity similar to the elasticity of the bone.

Benefits of installing crowns on implants at iStomatolog

  • Non-metal and zirconia crowns
  • Prosthetics in the most complex clinical cases
  • Gum aesthetics
  • Personalized selection of abutments
  • BioHPP system

BioHPP (High Performance Polymer) is a material based on PEEC (polyether ether ketone) and optimized to be used in dentistry. For more than thirty years, it has been successfully used to make various prostheses (for the fingers, pelvic joints or intermediate substance spinal cord). Its particular benefit is high biocompatibility which ensures compatibility with bones, chemical stability, gamma and X-ray resistance and X-ray transparency. In addition, its mechanical properties make it very similar to the bone skeleton.

Thanks to its high strength (which is enhanced by the special ceramic filler), the ability to be perfectly polished  (nano-filled with ceramic particles) and its resistance to the dental plaque, the BioHPP is ideally suited for the production of high-quality implant-supported prosthetics.

Installation of a crown on an implant takes several stages:

  • selecting the optimal type of a crown to be installed on an implant (metal ceramic, non-metal or BioHPP)
  • taking dental imprints
  • testing compatibility of the crown with the implant
  • installing the crown on the implant in 7 to 14 days.

Experts at iStomatolog work with more than ten proven implant systems. Each of them has its own set of keys which are needed in the process of taking dental imprints and installing crowns on the implant. If the patient decided to install the implant crown at our center but the implant was installed elsewhere, we will ask him or her to provide the name of the system that was used. Without this information, it is difficult to determine which implants were installed and so find the keys that are needed.

How much does a crown for an implant cost?

The cost of a crown to install on an implant depends on the type of crown you choose: metal-ceramic, non-metal, ceramic or zirconia.

You can find out the cost by booking a consultation at iStomatolog.


10 EUR

Temporary crown clinic

35 EUR

Non-metal ceramic crown

250 EUR


220 EUR

Payment for all services is made in the national currency of Ukraine - Hryvna.

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