iStomatolog warranty

A guarantee is a period during which in case of detection of defects in the work performed, the patient has the right to timely eliminate these defects without incurring financial costs, provided that all recommendations of the attending physician are followed.

In general, since 2016, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine canceled decrees according to which dental clinics were required to provide warranty periods for all work performed, but a new decree was not adopted. Today, we have the absence of any guarantees enshrined in law. But, iStomatolog cares about its patients and values ​​its reputation. We are confident in the quality

  • For restoration of a tooth with photopolymer material 1 year * (30 days with a dubious prognosis of treatment)
  • For orthopedic constructions (crowns, inlays, lining) of feldspar, aluminum dioxide (E.mach), zircon dioxide 3 years *
  • On bridge structures 1 year *
  • For temporary crowns and cosmetic records 6 months *
  • With doubtful treatment 30 days * of the services provided and are not afraid to take responsibility for our work, therefore we give a guarantee for such services:
  • For smokers who abuse coffee, tea and other food coloring 7 days * for the color of the work done
  • For the treatment of milk teeth 3 months *
  • For dental implants the warranty period is borne by the manufacturer of the implants. As a rule, an implant replacement within 1 year is free.

Provided that all the recommendations of the doctor and the passage of a routine inspection and preventive cleaning every 6 months.

Warranty Terms

Warranty periods and service life of works performed in our center can be regulated after examining the oral cavity and drawing up a treatment plan, and may not correspond to the warranty periods in other clinics.

Patients who smoke use a lot of coffee and dyes the warranty period for the color of the work is 7 days and can be reduced.

In the case of an unsatisfactory hygiene index (checked by the hygienist doctor every 6 months) the warranty may be removed in whole or in part, which the hygienist doctor warns the patient about and records in the medical history.

If a patient has a problem with any design or some complication, the patient is obliged to notify the administrator of the clinic as soon as possible (no later than 7 days) or immediately contact the clinic, if the treatment is untimely, the warranty is voided. The warranty is void if the patient decides to independently carry out treatment or otherwise “improve” the dental design.

The warranty is voided in case of complications that arise as a result of the patient’s failure to appear at the time indicated by the doctor or due to failure to comply with the recommendations and appointments voiced by the doctor, as well as upon termination of treatment at the patient’s initiative.

The warranty does not conditionally or partially extend (individually negotiated) as a result of injuries and diseases that entailed a violation of the condition of the teeth and dentoalveolar system (tooth injuries and jaw fractures, facial skeleton, surgical interventions, severe systemic diseases, radiation and chemotherapy, etc.).

If false information is provided when filling out a questionnaire or other medical documentation, the iStomatolog center has the right to refuse the guarantee for the work performed, or shorten its duration.

There is no guarantee on fixing decorative jewelry on the teeth.

The warranty of the iStomatolog center is not available for professional cleaning, periodontal treatment, whitening, implantation (the implant manufacturer guarantees the warranty), and milk teeth treatment.

The iStomatolog center does not bear warranty obligations in case of patient's refusal to conduct additional measuring, diagnostic, control diagnostic methods.

If complications arise during the warranty period, additional treatment is required the patient pays only for new work, rework is not paid.

Treatment prognosis

Ideal or favorable prognosis

  • Periodontal tissue (gum) healthy, within a month after removing dental plaque in perfect condition
  • Teeth retained 90-100%, tubercles not destroyed
  • Endodontic status (previously treated canals of the teeth) canals were cured 2 or more years ago, without changes, sagging, on x-rays without visible pathological changes. Occlusal teeth

Relatively ideal or favorable forecast

  • Periodontal tissues healthy, within a month after removal of dental deposits in good condition
  • Teeth retained at 60-80%
  • Endostatus (previously cured tooth canals) no changes in the apex of the root
  • Teeth in optimal occlusal plane.
  • Questionable forecast

Periodontal tissues unsatisfactory or poor hygiene

  • Teeth retained by 30-50%
  • Endostatus Poor Canal Treatment
  • Teeth are outside the occlusal plane.

High risk of tooth loss

  • Periodontal tissues very poor hygiene
  • Teeth Saved Less Than 30%
  • Endostatus Poor Canal Treatment
  • Significant deviation from the plane of occlusion (closure of the dentition)
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