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Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

How to make your teeth beautiful?

In today's world, a beautiful smile is of great importance. It gives confidence to its owner and can win over those around them. Perfect white teeth are no longer just for the "rich and famous" and have become an integral part of our lives. 

Depending on the initial situation and patient's wishes, we offer various options and their combinations:

Each clinical case is individual, and only a detailed examination taking into account all factors will help determine the ideal option for aesthetic restoration of teeth.

Indications for aesthetic restoration

  • Tooth decay and non-caries lesions
  • Unsightly or poor-quality fillings on teeth
  • Change in tooth color (for example, after root canal treatment)
  • Desire to change the color, shape, and size of teeth
  • Traumatic fracture of part or all of a tooth
  • Replacement of old or poor-quality crowns on teeth

Contraindications for aesthetic restoration

  • Bruxism
  • Unsatisfactory hygiene
  • More than 75% destruction of the tooth crown
  • Incorrect bite
  • Gum disease
  • Generalized acute caries
  • General diseases in the acute phase or stage of decompensation

Most contraindications are relative, and after appropriate correction, aesthetic restoration becomes possible.

Photos "before and after" aesthetic restoration of teeth

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    Advantages of aesthetic restoration at iStomatolog

    • 2D and 3D modeling of future smile
    • Digital diagnosis and treatment prognosis
    • No templates used. Individual solution for each clinical case

    We select only the correct method of aesthetic restoration for each case

    Clinical case № 1

    Aesthetic Dentistry

    Restoration of front six teeth with E.max veneers.

    Patient's wishes: maximize preservation of the shape and size of the teeth, make the teeth slightly lighter in color.

    Clinical case № 2

    Aesthetic Dentistry

    Restoration with non-metallic crowns. 

    Initial situation: extensive fillings on front teeth, multiple chips, teeth 21 and 22 changed in color due to root canal treatment, and a metal-ceramic crown installed on tooth 23. There is a bite pathology. Patient's wishes: restore the shape and size of the teeth, obtain brighter teeth.

    Clinical case №3

    Aesthetic Dentistry

    Restoration of front four teeth with Asteria photopolymer material.

    Patient's wishes: restore the original shape and size of the teeth, replace old fillings, eliminate chips and wear of the cutting edge.

    What materials are used for aesthetic tooth restoration?

    Aesthetic tooth restoration involves not only a beautiful smile but also a complete restoration of the tooth's function. At iStomatolog dentistry, several methods of aesthetic tooth restoration are available, each with its indications and contraindications. The following materials are used:

    1. Photopolymer materials produced in Japan. These materials have significant anticaries effects, chameleon effects, and physical and chemical characteristics that closely resemble tooth tissues. They have a long-lasting shine and stable color (do not change color under the influence of food dyes).

    Lithium disilicate (E.max) - a special type of high-strength ceramic with excellent aesthetic characteristics. It is used to manufacture veneers, inlays, overlays, and crowns for teeth. With its high strength, we can make an ultra-thin prosthesis with minimal tooth preparation.

    1. Zirconia - often used to manufacture crowns for posterior teeth and, with applied ceramics, for anterior teeth. It has high aesthetic characteristics and complete biocompatibility with tooth and gum tissues. Zirconia's unique feature is its ability to produce bridge-like prostheses and fully mask discolored teeth.
    2. Feldspathic ceramics, hybrid ceramics, glass ceramics, and ceramic composites - used to manufacture crowns for anterior teeth, veneers, overlays, and inlays. The distinguishing feature of these materials is their wear coefficient, which is similar to tooth tissue (for example, when installing all-zirconia crowns, the zirconia's high wear resistance may cause the antagonist tooth to wear faster).

    In the iStomatolog laboratory, we have the ability to manufacture a crown, inlay, or veneer using CEREC milling technology, all in a single visit, using materials that are similar to tooth tissues (for more details, see "One-Day Crown").

    Photopolymer materials are used in the following cases:

    • Carious lesions of teeth; 
    • Non-carious lesions of teeth (wedge-shaped defects, erosions, or enamel necrosis); 
    • Traumatic tooth fractures; 
    • After endodontic treatment to close the tooth cavity; 
    • Replacement of old fillings or poor restorations; 
    • Changing the shape, size, and color of the tooth; 
    • Changing the position of a standalone tooth; 
    • When splinting teeth for periodontal disease (detailed "Gum treatment") to close gaps between teeth.

    When to prefer veneers and lumineers? 

    • Changing the shape, size, and color of a large number of teeth 
    • Changing the position of individual teeth in the dental arch (in some cases, as an alternative to orthodontic treatment)
    • Large fillings or restorations occupying a significant portion of the tooth 
    • Extensive damage to tooth hard tissues caused by carious or non-carious processes, when good aesthetics cannot be achieved with photopolymer materials.

    When to choose non-metal crowns?

    • The tooth has previously been treated for nerve inflammation 
    • More than 50% of the tooth is destroyed
    • Change in tooth color, where bleaching will not produce results 
    • Change in tooth position, requiring removal of the nerve from the tooth
    • Replacement of an old crown.

    When to perform teeth whitening? 

    Teeth whitening can be a standalone procedure that significantly improves the appearance of teeth or can be part of a complex treatment. Teeth whitening can be carried out in several ways depending on the initial situation and goals.

    What material should teeth be made of to be beautiful and long-lasting?

    There is no universal solution. Each case is individual, so the approach will be different. It is essential to preserve your teeth as much as possible and listen to your dentist's advice. There are situations where the choice can be made exclusively by the patient. For example, when correcting the rotation of individual teeth, braces can be used, or veneers or crowns can be installed. The following factors are taken into account when choosing the method and materials: 

    • Patient's preferences 
    • The cause of changes in tooth color
    • Presence of large fillings
    • Presence of crowns
    • Malocclusion
    • Harmful habits
    • Quality of oral hygiene
    • Gum disease.

    Only a specialist can help make the right choice, familiarizing you with the advantages, disadvantages, and possible risks of restoring with photopolymer, veneers, or crowns in your specific case.

    Full Price list of dental clinic services is available at the following link 


    Restoring a tooth involves restoring its anatomical form and function. Direct restoration, which is carried out using photopolymer material directly in the oral cavity, is called direct restoration. Indirect restoration is the restoration of a tooth using a crown, veneer, or inlay that is manufactured using specialized equipment and then fixed onto the tooth. In turn, photopolymer material restorations usually have several categories depending on the aesthetic characteristics of the material, the presence of anti-caries action in the bonding system (the adhesive for the photopolymer), and the use of special dyes.
    Dental restoration includes the following manipulations: - anesthesia; - individual therapeutic kit; - isolating system rubberdam; - isolating lining (liquid photopolymer); - restoration of the tooth using photopolymer material of the chosen category; - grinding and polishing of the finished restoration; - applying therapeutic gel to the gums and teeth.
    The restoration will last as long as there are walls of the tooth (not affected by caries) to which it is fixed.
    How much does restoration of front teeth cost? The approximate cost of restoring one tooth, taking into account additional manipulations, is 70-80 euros.
    With the use of the latest generation restoration materials, there are no strict limitations. However, for extensive restoration of front teeth with restoration of the cutting edge, it is not recommended to bite on hard foods like crackers, nuts, or bones (which is not very good for healthy teeth as well).
    It is the restoration of not only the anatomical shape and function of the tooth, but also the reproduction of all the color nuances, transparency, and microstructure inherent in natural teeth.

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