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Teeth implantation

Dental implant Dentis (South Korea)

9999 UAH

Dental implant Implant Swiss (Switzerland)

14000 UAH

Dental implant i-system (Switzerland)

17000 UAH

Dental implant Straumann® (Switzerland)

19000 UAH

Prosthetics and restoration of teeth

Digital tooth bit

550 UAH

Temporary crown

1000 UAH

Ceramic anatomical crown (China)

5000 UAH

Ceramic anatomical crown (Germany)

7000 UAH

Ceramic Vinіr

9000 UAH

Ceramic crown in 1 day

9000 UAH


Cleaning (for one tooth)

100 UAH

Ultrasound cleaning (for one jew)

350 UAH

Professional brushing with pastes of abrasive materials (for one jew)

200 UAH

Prophyflex / Air flow device (for one jew)

450 UAH

Teeth treatment

Filling the root canal

1000 UAH

Restorative, filling teeth

500 UAH

Endodontic treatment (Parkell), one root

1500 UAH

Periodontal treatment (gіngіvіt, periodontitis, periodontal diseases)

from 500 UAH


Metal system (for one jew)

10000 UAH

Ceramic system (for one jew)

15500 UAH

Sapphire system (for one jew)

18000 UAH

One-piece single-unit

3500 UAH

Twin Block Apparatus

7500 UAH

Surgery dentistry

Extraction of the tooth

1000 UAH

Extraction of the tooth "wisdom"

2000 UAH

Extraction of periodontitis tooth (with an appearance of 2 hours more than the step of the bridge)

700 UAH


Plastic prosthesis (for one jew)

6000 UAH

Prosthesis with a clamp fixation on one jew (without locks)

8000 UAH

Acetal prosthesis

8000 UAH

Valplast nylon prosthesis

7000 UAH

The payment of all serviced money in the national currency of Ukraine is hryvnia.

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