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The Center of Family Dentistry iStomatolog will help correct the imperfect dentition. We offer our patients the most effective methods of orthodontic treatment, when it is necessary to correct "crooked" teeth and other disorders of the dental system.

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  • Stimulation of tooth tissue restoration
  • Prevention of recurrent caries
  • The use of ozone and laser
  • Performing the procedure in adults and children
  • Sealing with Japanese drugs Tokuyama and American Parkell

What is better — braces or a removable straightener plate?

We are asked this question most often. However, there is no ultimate answer to it, since each method has its own indications for application. We will now try to present the main advantages and disadvantages of both of them, trying to remain brief and to the point.

Removable orthodontic plates

Removable orthodontic plates can be worn by patients with different tooth-maxillary anomalies and defects starting from the age of five

Main advantages of straightening dental plates

  1. Can be applied from an early age
  2. Stimulate jaw growth
  3. Allow high-quality hygiene of the oral cavity, as well as do not interfere with comprehensive nutrition (there are no restrictions)
  4. Provide a stable treatment result with a minimum probability of relapse.

Main disadvantages of straightening dental plates

  1. With their help it is difficult to correct the anomalies of individual teeth (for example, turning the tooth around its axis or inclination)
  2. The optimal time of wearing is 16 hours a day, which is sometimes impossible for various reasons (children can refuse to wear it, and adults may not have this opportunity)
  3. With certain designs of orthodontic plates, «fpeech fefects» are possible.
  4. It is not possible to accurately predict the duration of treatment, since it depends on the total time of use of the orthodontic apparatus (the number of hours per day) — the more, the better.
  5. Since the device presses on the mucous membrane, «chafing» is possible, especially on the lower jaw during the activation of the plate (twisting),
  6. Replacement of removable orthodontic apparatus should be carried out every 6 months; firstly, the expanding elements tend to wear out during this time, secondly, the plastic «gets old», no matter the quality.

Teeth straightening with braces

Braces can be used at the age when all permanent teeth have erupted and their roots completed their formation.

The main advantage of braces is that it is ideally suited for correcting anomalies of stand-alone teeth and operates on a 24/7 principle (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), since it is non-removable.

However, it practically does not stimulate jaw growth, therefore, when treating the accumulated (tight) position of the teeth due to narrowing of the jaws, removal of premolars (fourth teeth) is most often required in order to get the needed space.

After braces treatment, it is almost always necessary to make a retainer (orthodontic wire or fiberglass, fixed on the inner surface of the teeth) so as to avoid relapse.

Thus, the result — in most cases, in the presence of medical indications, it is better to go with removable equipment, because it is more physiological, and the results of treatment are more stable.

Now from the point of view of private clinics

Treatment with removable equipment is more labor-intensive both for the patient and the dentist. The general statistics show that only 40% of all patients (who have been prescribed removable devices) undergo the entire course of treatment. Therefore, clinics mainly offer braces — the patient will pay here and now and will not disappear anywhere. In the case of using a removable plate, the patient can order one device and no show up, and this clinic loses profits. Besides, not everyone can work with removable apparatus. Why? Insufficient education is to blame, and courses of advanced training focus mainly on braces and removable e-liners, forgetting about the classical orthodontic school. In this regard, orthodontists at iStomatolog not only correct dental anomalies with removable orthodontic plates, but also offer courses for dentists on how to work with this type of equipment, thus increasing their literacy.

And, perhaps, the most important thing is that each clinical case requires an individual approach, there are no universal solutions.

It is rather strange to hear from patients with a developed orthodontic pathology that 3-4-5 years ago their orthodontist advised them to wait until all permanent teeth have fully erupted and only then start wearing braces. It is easier to prevent the disease than to treat it. This rule is valid for orthodontics. Pathology is always easier and faster to correct when it is still developing, and not to treat fully-formed defects of the tooth-jaw system.

How do we straighten teeth at iStomatolog?

Only the orthodontist doctor can accurately determine the optimal method for correcting the position of the teeth and bite in general after examining the patient and conducting follow-up research.

How much does orthodontic treatment cost?

Book a free consultation at iStomatolog. Our orthodontist will be able to find the best option for correcting the overbite and the position of individual teeth, as well as estimate the cost of all stages. The doctor will inform you about the duration of treatment, the frequency and number of visits during the period of wearing an orthodontic construction, the specifics of dental and oral cavity care during this period.



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