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Dental implantation

Dental implantation (Latin: «im» for «inside» and «plantacio» for «integrate» — is a technique used in dentistry to restore lost or damaged teeth. Initially, implants are placed in the jaw bone. The dental implant consists of two parts: the implant itself and the abutment. Simply put, an implant is an artificial root that is attached to the bone at the site of a missing tooth. Subsequently, a crown is installed on top of it (this could be a ceramic metal-free crown, a zirconium or a metal ceramic crown).

Dental implants. Pricing

dentis имплантаты

  • Dental implant Dentis
  • Gingival Shaper Dentis
  • Ti-Base
  • Tooth crown for zirconium oxide (without metal) Degudent
  • A-PRF (improves wound healing)
  • A set of "Anti-AIDS"
  • Surgical procedure

700 EUR

implant swiss

  • Dental implant Implantswiss
  • Gingival Shaper Implantswiss
  • Ti-Base
  • Tooth crown for zirconium oxide (without metal) Degudent
  • A-PRF (improves wound healing)
  • A set of "Anti-AIDS"
  • Surgical procedure

850 EUR


  • Dental implant Straumann
  • Gingival Shaper Straumann
  • Ti-Base
  • Tooth crown for zirconium oxide (without metal) Degudent
  • A-PRF (improves wound healing)
  • A set of "Anti-AIDS"
  • Surgical procedure

1100 EUR

The main benefits of getting dental implants at iStomatolog are

  • The risk of gum trauma is minimized
  • Rehabilitation period is 1 day
  • The implantation procedure for one tooth takes only 30 minutes
  • Warranties from implants manufacturers
  • Solutions for every clinical case

Dr. Olena Daynetska

A dentist practicing since 2003, M.D. since 2015

He also took part in international dental conferences on oral implantology and dental surgery, the most recent of which include International Implantology Congress and The 8th International Symposium of Advanced Protocols in Oral Implantology (2016).

Maksym Makarenko holds the “High professionalism in dentistry” award (2006).

The member of ITI - International Team for Implantology

He particularly specializes in:

  • dental surgery
  • implantology
  • parodontology
  • prosthetic dentistry and therapeutic dentistry.

Indications for the installation of a dental implant

  • Lack of a tooth due to its removal
  • Simultaneous tooth extraction and installation of a dental implant
  • Congenital absence of a tooth

The main stages of a dental implant installation are

Examination oral cavity

Examination oral cavity and analysis results of computed tomography to determine the thickness, height and density of a bone, location of the canals, where the nerve trunks pass, a location of the sinus is, etc. Selection of the dental implants system meets all the requirements for a particular clinical case.

Implant installation

The procedure is conducted under local anesthesia (just like the usual dental treatment). The dentist provides tips on dental care.

Examination in 10 to 14 days

Removal of seams from the mucous membrane (the procedure is absolutely painless and only takes 5 to 10 minutes).

Gingiva shaper

The gingiva shaper is attached to the implant on a lower jaw in 3 months and to the upper one in 4 months for 3 to 7 days.


Measuring and making imprints to produce the crown.

Attaching the crown

Attaching the crown in 10 to 14 days upon receiving the imprints.

What dental implants do we use?



Dental implant installation (Straumann®, Swiss)

1100 EUR

Dental implant installation (i-system, Swiss)

900 EUR

Dental implant installation (implantswiss, Swiss)

850 EUR

Dental implant installation (Dentis, South Korea)

700 EUR

To get an accurate cost estimation of a dental implant installation, contact iStomatolog to book a free consultation.

The price is may vary depending on the application of additional manipulations (surgical interventions), that is, bone augmentation (build-up), gum plastic, etc.

Maksym Makarenko, our M.D. specializing in dental implantology, will choose the best implants for you and will inform you on the full cost of the procedure including the cost of making the crowns.

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