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Orthodontic plates

The process of replacing baby teeth with permanent ones is often accompanied by a number of problems. These include incorrect bite, the appearance of a "second row of teeth," overlapping teeth, tooth rotation, and gaps between teeth.

It is not always possible to prevent dental pathologies, especially if they are related to genetic predisposition or underdeveloped jaws. When defects are detected, it is important to immediately seek help from an orthodontist. The use of innovative technologies has significantly expanded the possibilities of orthodontics, including the correction of anomalies in childhood.

What is the purpose of installing orthodontic plates?

Orthodontic plates are installed to achieve the following goals:

  • Correction of the shape of the jaw (lower and upper)
  • Acceleration or deceleration of the formation of the jaw and the growth of individual teeth
  • Fixation of teeth in the anatomically correct position
  • Shifting teeth for their proper alignment in the row
  • Widening or increasing the palate
  • Stimulation of the growth of a specific section of the jaw
  • Consolidation of the results of treatment with braces.

The child quickly gets used to the orthodontic appliance and does not experience physical or psychological discomfort. During the period of wearing the plate, parents should carefully monitor compliance with hygiene rules, which include regular brushing of teeth and keeping the plate clean.

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    Stages of installing plates

    Orthodontic treatment in childhood is not associated with unpleasant or painful sensations. Young patients visit the doctor's office without fear, experiencing curiosity and interest in the treatment process. Specialists at iStomatolog clinic enjoy interacting with children, answering questions, and engaging in relaxed conversations. Such an approach lays the foundation for a trusting relationship with dentistry as a whole, confidence in the correct actions of doctors, and the need for timely assistance.

    The basis of the diagnostic base is an orthopantomogram. The image clearly shows the grown teeth and tooth buds, their angle of inclination relative to the jaw, the condition of the roots, bone and soft tissue. All types of anomalies are taken into account when developing an orthodontic structure.

    If signs of ENT diseases are found in the image, the orthodontist will refer the child to an otolaryngologist. Restoring proper nasal breathing is necessary for effective orthodontic treatment.

    The next stage is 3D modeling of the upper and lower jaw with the bite and position of the teeth that should be achieved as a result of the treatment.

    Orthodontic treatment always begins after oral cavity sanitation. Caries is treated, inflammatory processes are eliminated. Plates are installed when children are absolutely healthy. It is better to postpone a visit to the orthodontist if the child has a cold or feels unwell. The doctor will always find an opportunity to schedule another time.

    The final stage is the installation and adjustment of the plate.

    At what age is it best to get a dental plate installed?

    The orthodontist will conduct a diagnosis to determine whether using dental plate is necessary to solve the problem and also determine the best age to start treatment. The use of dental plate in dentistry does not necessarily mean that the child will not need to wear braces later on. However, in most cases, the use of removable orthodontic devices can greatly reduce the risk of developing defects in the dental apparatus and prepare the child for further correction in later years.

    Plates (brackets, retainers) are used for orthodontic treatment mainly up to the age of 15. The constructions are made individually based on diagnostic conclusions. The plate is attached to the outer row of teeth, the inner part, and may also include the palate.

    The structure of the plate

    Corrective plates are best installed in children before the age of 12, when not all teeth have yet erupted and the formation of the dental-jaw system is in an active phase. The plate is a removable or non-removable structure consisting of a plastic base (of varying degrees of rigidity), metal wire, fastening elements, screws, or other parts.

    The base (body) of the plate should fit snugly against the roof of the mouth or gums, with the metal elements serving to hold the structure in place. In many plate models, the key element is a screw located in the center of the base body, which is used to adjust the pressure force on the teeth and jaw.

    Thanks to this influence, it is possible to stimulate or slow down the growth of the jaw, change the size of the jaw, and the position of the teeth. Hooks located on the lateral sides play the role of a stabilizing element of the structure, and the metal arch fixes the teeth in the desired position. The wearing time during the day is determined by the doctor. It can be 3-4 hours a day or more.

    The non-removable structure is fixed with special braces. The device is usually used to correct serious defects of the dental-jaw apparatus in children of younger and middle age. The device is worn for 1-2 years, depending on the indications.

    The effectiveness of correction with a plate depends on many factors

    Factors affecting the effectiveness of treatment with plates include:

    • The degree of malocclusion
    • Sensitivity of enamel and gums
    • The ratio of milk and permanent teeth
    • Compliance with the recommended wearing schedule (number of hours per day)

    Removable devices are most effective during the transition from milk to permanent teeth and active growth of bone tissue.

    Types of orthodontic appliance designs

    Single-jaw plates (single-jawed) are used to correct tooth positioning in a narrow or shortened row, as well as to correct defects in individual teeth.
    Plates with a retraction vestibular arch with spring action correct defects in the position of upper and lower incisors. Devices are used in milk, mixed, and permanent bites.
    Plates with a handle-shaped protrusion on the arch are installed on the upper or lower jaw. The appliance is designed to change the position of individual teeth by exerting pressure from the protrusion on the area of the tooth neck.
    Plates with a pusher are equipped with one or more snake-like springs with semi-circular bends. The appliance is designed for vestibular tooth movement in milk and mixed bites.
    The Twin Block removable appliance is a paired design consisting of basic blocks for each jaw. The block design includes plates that align the arches, fixatives, and adjusting screws. The appliance's particularity is the bilateral effect on the jaws, stimulating the function of the chewing muscles. Ultimately, the bite returns to normal, the incisors occupy the correct position relative to the center of the face, and the correct proportions are restored. The design is successfully used in various bite pathologies (open, cross, distal, mesial).
    The Clark appliance is used during the active growth of bones, between the ages of 9-14. The main indication for installing an orthodontic appliance is a distal bite, characterized by a lack of contact between the front teeth when the jaws are closed. An external sign of this anomaly is a slanted chin and a protruding upper lip.
    The Nance appliance, installed on the upper jaw, consists of a metal arch with rings that surround the corrected teeth. In the middle of the appliance is a plastic button that rests against the palate and serves as a support. The main purpose of the structure is to stabilize the position of the molars and prevent them from shifting forward.
    The Quad Helix appliance, consisting of a spring with four coils and a wire, is designed to expand the dental arch, alveolar ridge, and jaw. A poorly developed upper jaw may be a congenital anomaly or a result of rickets, trauma, or endocrine disorders. The appliance is created individually for each patient and is fixed behind the dental arch, making it visually invisible.

    This is by no means a complete list of orthodontic appliances used to correct various pathologies. At the iStomatolog dental clinic, the most effective method for correcting correctable defects in children and adults will be chosen.

    The best equipment available today allows us to perform orthodontic treatment of any level of complexity. Our patients are children, teenagers, and adults. We restore health, aesthetics, and quality of life by applying the latest generation technologies and materials.

    Advantages of iStomatolog clinic

    Our clinic uses a variety of orthodontic methods, high-tech equipment for pathology diagnosis, and German materials for orthodontic appliance manufacturing. We value the trust placed in us and always strive to select the most effective treatment method considering the patient's pathology, age, and individual characteristics.

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    The main reason is the violation of the wearing regime of the appliance. If a child removes the plate on their own at school or kindergarten and only wears it in the presence of parents, the expected results may not be achieved. Treatment requires constant monitoring, so it is necessary to think in advance about how to ensure it.
    Doctors recommend speaking aloud as much as possible and practicing tongue twisters. In diligent children, pronunciation is restored within 10 days. If speech clarity is not restored within 14 days, it is necessary to make an appointment with an orthodontist. It may be necessary to adjust the construction.
    The plate can break or deform from impact, strong mechanical or thermal stress. The metal elements cannot be touched or bent to improve fixation. Only an orthodontist can make adjustments to the construction.
    The cost of orthodontic constructions depends on their technical complexity, current prices for materials and components.
    Orthodontic plates

    Article author:

    Olena Daynetska, chief Doctor of iStomatolog Dental Center

    During a consultation at iStomatolog dental clinic, you have the opportunity to receive digital and video diagnostics, a detailed treatment plan, as well as the overall cost of all stages of treatment.

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