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Scaling procedure

Procedure for removing dental calculus

The procedure for removing dental calculus is painless!

As a result of the cleaning, there is whitening of the tooth surface by half or a whole tone, significant improvement in the condition of the mucous membrane, a decrease in gum bleeding (in some cases, complete cessation), and the absence of bad breath.

In addition, patients are recommended individual care products for teeth and oral hygiene at home (toothpastes, gels).

If necessary, a follow-up examination is scheduled after 10-14 days, as well as hygiene control.

Main stages of scaling

  • Determining the amount and location of dental calculus and plaque
  • Ultrasonic teeth cleaning (removal of dental calculus with ultrasound)
  • Cleaning with Prophyflex 2 KAVO (Air flow may also be used)
  • Final polishing of the tooth surface with pastes of varying degrees of abrasiveness

What is dental calculus?

Dental calculus is essentially hardened dental plaque. With thorough and regular teeth cleaning, we remove plaque from our teeth and prevent its accumulation. Dental calculus consists of colonies of microorganisms, products of their vital activity, and food debris.

The deposition of dental calculus is most noticeable on the surfaces of teeth with difficult access for a toothbrush, such as the inner surface of the lower front teeth, as well as when teeth are crowded or in the wrong position in the dental arch. The formation of dental calculus begins on the surface of the tooth near the gum line and, as it accumulates, can cover the entire surface of the tooth. Dental calculus can be white, yellowish, or even dark brown in color (with excessive consumption of tea and smoking).

Causes of dental calculus formation

The primary cause is poor and insufficient oral hygiene at home or the absence of it altogether. Dental calculus doesn't form instantaneously. It's a lengthy process that goes through several stages from soft dental plaque to full-fledged dental calculus.

Other factors that contribute to the accumulation of dental calculus on the surface of teeth include:

  • a predominance of soft foods in the diet and insufficient consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. They contribute to additional cleaning of the surface of the teeth;
  • a high amount of simple carbohydrates in the diet (sugars are the primary source of food for microorganisms, and excessive consumption of them leads to a substantial increase in the number of microorganisms, resulting in accelerated dental plaque and calculus formation);
  • poor or incorrectly selected home hygiene products (for example, using a soft toothbrush for daily cleaning without a serious reason);
  • the presence of certain chronic diseases, including endocrine disorders;
  • orthodontic structures (bracket system) or dentures that significantly impede quality hygiene, are time-consuming and require additional adaptations;
  • metabolic disorders in the body (especially salt);
  • poor quality fillings, crowns (retention of food debris provokes the accumulation of microorganisms and the formation of tartar).

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    Scaling Procedure

    Dental hygienist Irina Kubryakova

    Experience as a dental hygienist at iStomatolog Center - 11 years.

    Conducts educational seminars and master classes since 2016.


    • Comprehensive oral hygiene
    • Professional hygiene for periodontitis and periodontal disease
    • Ultrasonic removal of dental calculus (scaling)
    • Air flow
    • Vector therapy
    • Laser therapy.

    Why remove dental tartar?

    Dental tartar contains accumulations of various microorganisms that release acids during their life processes. These acids have a destructive effect on the tooth enamel and lead to its destruction. In addition, the processes of nutrition are disturbed in the gum tissue that adheres to the dental tartar, leading to inflammation.

    Dental tartar provokes and directly participates in the development of such diseases as:

    • Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums)
    • Papillitis (inflammation of the interdental papilla)
    • Periodontitis (inflammation of the gums and destruction of the bone tissue of the alveolar processes)
    • Tooth decay

    Professional removal of dental tartar and proper daily hygiene significantly reduce the risk of developing these diseases. The benefits of the procedure are incomparable to the low cost of removing dental tartar.

    How is dental calculus removed at iStomatolog dental clinic in Kyiv?

    The removal of dental calculus from teeth on both jaws is often performed in one visit to the dental hygienist. Only in rare cases, it may require two visits, such as in cases of generalized calculus deposits of the fourth degree and accompanying gingivitis or periodontitis in the acute stage.

    Stages of dental calculus removal procedure
    • Application of an OptiGate system to isolate the mucous membranes of the lips and cheeks;
    • Ultrasonic removal of supra- and subgingival tartar;
    • Removal of dense pigmented plaque with a Prophyflex apparatus (an improved model of Air Flow, which gently removes plaque while polishing and whitening the surface of the teeth);
    • Polishing of teeth with pastes of varying degrees of abrasiveness;
    • Treatment of teeth and oral cavity with an antiseptic solution;
    • Application of a special regenerating gel to the gums.

    At our center, professional teeth cleaning is performed by qualified hygienists with experience and knowledge in periodontology. You can be sure that you will receive perfectly cleaned teeth free of tartar and plaque without damaging the enamel or gums on equipment that meets European standards and is certified. And if there is inflammation of the gums, you will see the healing result in less than a week.

    What is the cost of removing tartar at iStomatolog dental clinic in Kyiv?

    You can find the prices for the service in the Prices section or by contacting us through any convenient means or by phone: 067 502 8 999, 093 502 8 999.

    You can get more detailed information about the full cost of removing tartar and plaque during a consultation at our Center after an examination by a doctor and determining the degree of dental deposits. A pleasant bonus for iStomatolog patients is a free consultation and examination after teeth cleaning, during which you will learn about the features of home care in your particular case, taking into account all the peculiarities and visible problems with your teeth that should be paid attention to.

    We appreciate that patients after a professional hygiene treatment carried out in our clinic understand the necessity and significant importance of this procedure for the health of teeth and gums.

    Full Price list of dental clinic services is available at the following link 


    Professional teeth cleaning is a painless procedure if performed by a skilled specialist using specialized equipment. Rarely, patients with gum disease may experience increased tooth sensitivity during the procedure due to the exposure of tooth roots in periodontitis and periodontosis.
    If a patient has experienced bleeding gums during home teeth cleaning or when consuming hard food, bleeding during professional teeth cleaning is normal. In addition, gum bleeding typically stops within a few days after teeth cleaning at a dental clinic.
    On average, professional teeth cleaning should be performed once every 6 months. This timeframe is approximate and can be increased or decreased.
    The most common symptoms of tartar buildup are periodic bleeding of the gums and unpleasant odor from the oral cavity, despite regular home hygiene.
    There are many factors that influence the formation and accumulation of plaque and tartar on teeth. The most significant ones include the quality and regularity of home hygiene, gum disease, saliva composition, dietary habits, occupational hazards, general health conditions, and harmful habits.
    Typically, tooth and gum sensitivity may persist for 1 to 7 days after professional teeth cleaning. If the sensitivity does not subside or worsens, it is necessary to consult a dentist to determine the underlying cause (tooth decay, nerve inflammation, exacerbation of gum disease).
    Scaling Procedure

    Article author:

    Olena Daynetska, chief Doctor of iStomatolog Dental Center

    During a consultation at iStomatolog dental clinic, you have the opportunity to receive digital and video diagnostics, a detailed treatment plan, as well as the overall cost of all stages of treatment.

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