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Treatment of dental cyst, periodontitis, granuloma, and cystic granuloma

Periodontitis is an inflammation of bone tissue which is located around the apex of a tooth`s root. Oftentimes, it is an asymptomatic process which could be revealed only in the exacerbation phase which is accompanied by a sharp pain during biting (the sense of high tooth), swelling in the area of the abscessed tooth (a dental abscess which patients usually call the “swollen” cheek).

It often happens to teeth which are situated under the crown.

Treatment of dental cyst, periodontitis, granuloma, and cystic granuloma фото до та після

The benefits of periodontitis treatment at the iStomatolog center

  • Treatment of dental cyst under the microscope.
  • Sterilization of canals with laser or ozone.
  • The use of therapeutic pastes from Japanese manufacturers
  • Treatment regimen of our own design
  • Great long-term results

Symptoms of periodontitis 

  • The tooth has changed its color (became gray or brown-gray)
  • Does not react to any stimuli (cold or hot food etc.) even if the tooth has a big cavity
  • The tooth was aching before but now the pain has stopped
  • The tooth is aching even though the root canals have undergone treatment
  • Painful sensation when applying the pressure (the feeling of a “grown tooth”)
  • A purulent pimple appears on gums near the tooth (it may disappear later on); it usually does not cause any pain
  • Gumboil or subperiosteal abscess (swelling of the gums of adjacent teeth, wobbly teeth, swelling of soft tissues, inflammation of the lymphatic vessel which are located on the same side as the bad tooth, general malaise, and fever).

Stages of non-surgical treatment of periodontitis and dental cyst

  • Checkup and X-ray examination (and CT scan, if required), accurate diagnosis and elaboration of a treatment plan
  • Allergy test
  • Local anesthesia
  • Unsealing of root canals (in case if the root canals are “heavy-going” or crooked or there are visible fractures, the treatment is carried out under the microscope).
  • Medicamental and instrumental sterilization of root canals (laser and ozone)
  • Filling of root canals with special anti-inflammatory pastes which stimulate bone tissue recovery
  • Temporary filling
  • After 7 to 14 days, the X-ray examination and the replacement of paste

The duration of treatment depends on the diagnosis (the size of the area of tissue degradation is also important: the bigger it is, the longer it will take to treat).

What is the dental cyst?

It is the cavity in the bone tissue that has a very thin coating which is “attached” to the dental root. The cyst increases in size without pain or any other symptoms. During the exacerbation phase (usually it is accompanied by the weakening of the immune system) the cyst cavity is filled with pus, and then it is not a laughing matter anymore: the pain at any kind of pressure, even after the light touch with the tongue, wobbliness, swelling of gums and soft tissues, malaise, and fever.

What is dental granuloma?

Granuloma is a small cyst. If it is left untreated, granuloma grows bigger and turns into cystogranuloma and then – cyst. Granuloma and cyst both are clearly shaped on X-ray pictures.

Dental cyst and granuloma treatment

The iStomatolog Center offers a number of methods, developed by our specialists, which employ the full range of various techniques (laser and ozone treatment, endodontic equipment, special pastes from Kuraray Japan) for swift and painless dental treatment without surgical interference, with the exception of repeated exacerbations.

What is the cost of dental cyst treatment?

The information about the total cost of dental cyst treatment, the stages of treatment and its duration will be provided after the full checkup, the X-ray and computer diagnostics which will be conducted during a consultation at the iStomatolog Center.


10 EUR

Payment for all services is made in the national currency of Ukraine - Hryvna.

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