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Veneers and lumineers installation

Veneers and lumineers installation фото до та після

Veneers and lumineers installation фото до та після

Veneers and lumineers boast unsurpassed aesthetic characteristics. It is possible to select any tooth color, while reproducing individual peculiarities with a minimum thickness. The high permissible load ensures their durability.

Benefits of installing veneers at iStomatolog

  • E.max system, which is the leader in the world’s dentistry market, is used
  • High strength combined with a minimum thickness
  • Alternative to dental alignment with bracket systems
  • Laboratory-based method of veneers manufacturing
  • Durability of the constructions
Veneers and lumineers installation фото до та після

Dr. Olena Daynetska

Chief doctor of the center. DDTA. Specializes in aesthetic dentistry, parodontics, dental prosthetics and endodontics, plasmotherapeutic in dentistry and plasmolifting in cosmetology.

Specializes in aesthetic prosthetics and restoration, dental plasmotherapy, cosmetological plasmolifting, endodontics, periodontology.

Co-founder and physician inchief of the family dental center iStomatolog since 2015.

Together with the dental team provides free medical care to ATO soldiers. Due to that received numerous awards.

And received a rewards from Ukrainian Ministry of Defence.


There are the following indications for veneer restoration

  • Large-sized fillings and their unsatisfactory aesthetics
  • Need to increase an anatomical crown height (pathological abrasion, aesthetic considerations)
  • Correction of malposition of certain teeth (as an alternative to orthodontic treatment)
  • Tooth discoloring (when traditional whitening has no desired effect)

Let's try and answer the most frequently asked questions

  • What are veneers?
  • How are veneers installed?
  • What are the benefits of veneer restoration?
  • How much does it cost to install veneers?

Important notice! The iStomatolog center carefully monitors the quality of materials at each stage of veneers (lumineers) manufacturing. This is very important, as there are a lot of poor quality counterfeits in the market. In iStomatolog, the veneers are manufactured only using a laboratory-based method.

We offer installation of veneers (lumineers) from a world-known manufacturer in the field of dental materials – the IPS e.max Press system by Ivoclar.

Veneer restoration without tooth surface processing, so-called Hollywood veneers, is also available.

Veneers feature a minimal thickness, while granting the opportunity to choose the color and shape at patient’s option. The E.Max veneers don’t change their color over time, they aren’t prone to coloring with food pigments and to abrasion when chewing. Due to the perfect marginal fit to the tooth surface, the risk of gum inflammation is eliminated. This is the optimal aesthetics and functionality ratio in tooth restoration.

How Are Veneers Installed in iStomatolog?

Discussing the desired changes with a patient: a tooth color and shape, a number of teeth to be covered with veneers, possible additional treatment or alternative methods (for example, composite restoration or so-called "directly placed veneers").
Taking preliminary tooth impressions for making the mould. Filling it with a wax, a dental technician perfects the desired teeth shape, size and position in the dental arcade. This is called a diagnostic wax-up. With its help the patient can clearly understand what his new smile will look like to correct the details, if necessary. And only after the approval, a dentist starts tooth preparation.
Tooth preparation, taking tooth impressions for E.max veneers manufacturing and manufacturing of temporary plastic veneers, which are fixed on the tooth surface with a special cement adgesive.
Try-in and installation of E.max veneers.

Possible Complications During/After Veneer Installation

The use of poor-quality materials for veneers manufacturing and their fixation; wrong selection of teeth color; disregard of carious and non-carious lesions, as well as condition of the oral mucosa can lead to unpleasant complications in the future:

  • chipped tooth walls;
  • chipped veneer (frequent veneer peel-off from the tooth surface);
  • gingival margin inflammation in the area of ​​teeth with veneers;
  • tooth discoloring;
  • nerve inflammation (in case of untreated caries);
  • unnatural tooth color, shape and size.

What Is the Cost of Veneers?

The average cost of one veneer per tooth is 5100 UAH.

Make an appointment for a consultation at the iStomatolog family dentistry center to find out which of aesthetic tooth restoration (veneers, lumineers, composite restoration) is indicated in your case given all individual peculiarities, as well as treatment duration and number of teeth to be restored to get the expected result.

Veneer restoration requires a thorough and well-coordinated team work of a patient, dentist and dental technician. The amount of time spent depends primarily on the initial teeth condition (discoloring, shape, position in the dental arcade, carious lesions, etc.) and on the desired result.


10 EUR

Nonmetal tooth crown/veneer

from 250 EUR

Payment for all services is made in the national currency of Ukraine - Hryvna.

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