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KaVo DIAGNOdent dental diagnostics

The use of DIAGNOdent pen 2190 has certain advantages during the minimal intrusive treatment (the smallest possible intervention in the tissue of the tooth; in some cases it is possible to treat tooth decay without drilling).

It is possible to detect the changes which are still unnoticeable at the depth of 2 mm of the tooth tissue.

The benefits of dental diagnostics at iStomatolog

  • Modern laser technology
  • Provides the means of diagnosing hidden cavities and the changes inside of the tooth (inside the pulpitis)
  • High precision, painless, quick
  • The most accurate, based on laser technology with minimum error
Kavo diagnodent dental diagnostics фото до та після

Dental hygienist Anya

Particular attention is paid to the hygiene of the patient's oral cavity and complications of periodontal tissues (gingivitis, pаrodontitis, parodontosis).

Main stream:

  • Oral hygiene
  • Scaling
  • Profiflex
  • Airflow
  • Vector-therapy
  • Laser therapy

Work experience: more than 5 years.

Operating principles of DIAGNOdent

When irradiated with light of a particular wavelength, the changed tooth substance (in the case of caries or inflammation of the nerve) radiates the fluorescent emissions. This radiation is recorded and analyzed by dìagnodentom.

A certain light energy is brought through the light probe onto the surface of the tooth. A fluorescent glow would appear in case if there is pathology, such as dental decay, present. The type of the glow denotes a particular process with specific numeric indicators.

The showings of DIAGNOdent pen 2190 do not have an absolute priority. In order to properly interpret the showings, it is important to take into account some personal risk factors that play the role in development of caries: caries anamnesis, frequency of sugar intake, presence of “carious” bacteria, salivating.      

The final diagnosis is based on the showings of DIAGNOdent pen 2190, along with the consideration of risk factors for caries.

DIAGNOdent pen 2190 provides the perfect means for monitoring the pathogenic pathway. In many cases, when the accurate diagnosis cannot be established, the non-invasive (no drilling) treatment, such as fluoridation, laser treatment, ozone treatment – ozone therapy using the apparatus called KaVo HealOzone, is prescribed on the initial stages. The regular control allows you to monitor the development process.

When interpreting the showings of the DIAGNOdent pen 2190, it is possible to obtain falsely positive results, if at the time of diagnosis the following factors were not taken into account:

  • Contamination
  • Composite (photopolymeric) seals, which have fluorescent properties
  • Contaminated edges of composite fillings
  • Dental tartar/plaque/calculus
  • Unusually high readings are registered in the area close to the dental pulp
  • Food remnants in the crevices
  • Prophylactic pastes or gels
  • Remineralization of caries
  • Irradiation of patients (radiation therapy).

Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to the recommended methodology of treatment

  • Professional cleaning of dental cavity from tartar and plaque
  • The teeth and dental gaps should be scrupulously dried before scanning, because saliva alters the direction of the beam, particularly on the approximal tooth surfaces.
  • Diagnosis of teeth using DIAGNOdent
  • Analysis of the results and drafting a treatment plan

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the scope and the original problem. You can find out the cost and the number of necessary procedures in detail at the consultation in the iStomatolog center.


10 EUR

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