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Diagnosis of tooth caries using DIAGNOdent KaVo

Early diagnosis of caries in dentistry, why is it important?

In the overwhelming majority of cases, fear of dental treatment is associated with the expectation of pain. Dentists promise that it will not hurt at all in order to solve the problem as quickly as possible, but avoiding pain is not always possible, which leads to a number of consequences. Firstly, the patient feels deceived, and secondly, the fear of the dentist is firmly entrenched in the subconscious.

The reason for this phenomenon is the lack of opportunity to conduct a full-fledged diagnosis using innovative equipment. Often, a small black spot on the chewing surface of the tooth is the entrance to a carious cavity. Of course, deep penetration into the tooth structures causes discomfort, and sometimes pain.

X-rays are not always necessary in every case. When small cavities are detected on the surface of a tooth, dentists rarely prescribe additional diagnostics, preferring to begin treatment immediately. The most progressive solution in the field of diagnosing hidden pathologies is offered by the manufacturer of dental equipment, KaVo.

The DIAGNOdent device has allowed for a fundamentally new approach in the diagnostic examination of carious teeth. Using a small device, without causing any discomfort to the patient, the dentist can identify internal lesions of dental structures, including pathological changes in the initial stage and hidden forms of caries, pulpitis, and periodontitis.

The use of the DIAGNOdent device makes it possible to diagnose hidden early caries of teeth. In some cases, it is possible to treat early caries without drilling. DIAGNOdent helps to identify changes up to a depth of 2 mm in the tissues of the tooth.

Advantages of diagnosing tooth decay at iStomatolog

  • Modern laser technologies
  • Allows diagnosis of hidden early caries and changes inside the tooth (in the pulp)
  • High precision, painless, fast
  • The most accurate, based on laser technology, with minimal error

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    How does the DIAGNOdent device work?

    When a tooth is affected by decay or nerve inflammation, the altered substance in the tooth emits fluorescent radiation when exposed to light of a certain wavelength. This radiation is detected and analyzed by the device. A specific amount of light energy is transmitted to the surface of the tooth through a light probe. In the presence of pathology, such as decay, a characteristic fluorescent glow occurs.

    It is important to consider personal risk factors for caries development when interpreting the values, such as caries history, frequency of sugar intake, presence of "caries" bacteria, and salivary flow.

    The final diagnosis is based on DIAGNOdent values combined with consideration of caries risk factors.

    DIAGNOdent is an excellent tool for monitoring caries development. In many cases where an accurate diagnosis cannot be established, non-invasive (non-drilling) treatments such as fluoridation, laser treatment, or ozone treatment are first prescribed.

    When is dental diagnostics prescribed?

    The specialists at iStomatolog clinic use all possible means to detect dental pathologies in adults and children at the early stages, which helps to choose the most effective methods for painless treatment of caries with minimal invasive intervention. As a result of a thoughtful and delicate approach, both adults and children stop being afraid of dentists and completely trust them. Regular visits to the clinic develop a responsible attitude towards one's own health and understanding of the importance of diagnostic examinations.

    For doctors, it is easier to develop a treatment plan based on accurate diagnostics, which does not cause unpleasant sensations to patients. Authoritative experts believe that the introduction of the KaVo DIAGNOdent device into dental practice is the basis for building a trusting relationship with doctors from an early age.

    Pain-free treatment without anesthesia

    The dentist uses laser diagnostics, DIAGNOdent, to detect internal pathologies in the crown (supragingival) part of the tooth. However, this type of examination is not always comprehensive, and if deeper structural damage is suspected, the dentist may prescribe an X-ray on a visiograph or tomograph.

    DIAGNOdent testing allows for a conclusion to be made about the need for additional examinations or, conversely, the absence of a need for in-depth diagnostics.

    Advantages of KaVo DIAGNOdent laser diagnostics

    Summing up the above, we conclude that:

    • The DIAGNOdent device allows for the quick and painless diagnosis of hidden caries;
    • Up to 90% of pathological processes in the hard tissues of the tooth are detected at an early stage;
    • The device operates within a safe range of radiation;
    • It has a simple algorithm for use;
    • The lightweight and compact design of the wireless device increases the convenience of its practical application.

    The DIAGNOdent device has been scientifically recognized as the "Gold Standard" for diagnosing fissure caries.

    Dental hygienist Irina Kubryakova

    11 years of experience working as a dental hygienist at the iStomatolog Center. Conducts educational seminars and master classes since 2016.


    • Comprehensive oral hygiene
    • Professional hygiene for periodontitis and periodontosis
    • Ultrasonic removal of dental calculus (scaling)
    • Air flow
    • Vector therapy
    • Laser therapy
    Diagnodent dental diagnostics

    Advantages of diagnosis and treatment at iStomatolog clinic

    Tooth treatment at the iStomatolog clinic in Kiev is based on the use of gentle and high-precision techniques that allow for the maximum preservation of healthy tooth tissues and complete elimination of pathological processes. Our patients, both children and adults, do not experience fear or anxiety during diagnosis and treatment procedures. Trust in our clinic's services is due to the highest level of safety, quality of treatment, and service.

    To get an objective idea of our services, please book a consultation using the online form and provide your contact information. Our manager will call you back to arrange a convenient time for your visit.

    Full Price list of dental clinic services is available at the following link 


    Dental diagnostic methods include gathering medical history and conducting a physical examination using traditional dental instruments, as well as additional types of testing, including targeted X-rays, panoramic X-rays, computed tomography (CT), and contactless diagnosis of caries using the DIAGNOdent KaVo device. The dentist selects the testing methods based on the results of the examination and the purpose of the visit (treatment, prosthetics, bite correction, etc.). CT provides the most complete picture of the condition of the teeth and jaw.
    Tooth decay is diagnosed during a physical examination. In the initial stage, a small light spot appears on the surface of the tooth, and in the future, dark spots and carious cavities may form. The destruction of the internal tissues of the tooth can be detected using a special apparatus such as DIAGNOdent KaVo, the principle of which is based on laser illumination of hard tissues. The delicate method allows for a reduction in the use of manual instruments and provides an accurate picture of the depth and spread of decay. If necessary, depending on the indications, the dentist may prescribe additional testing, such as X-rays or CT.
    The cost of tooth diagnosis depends on the types of testing methods used, which the dentist selects after the initial examination. The main diagnostic methods include targeted X-rays, CT, panoramic X-rays, and laser testing using the DIAGNOdent KaVo device. The cost of the service ranges from 10 to 25 euro, depending on the nature and scope of the dental examination.
    Pulpitis under a filling can occur as a result of treatment errors (for example, carious tissues not completely removed, incorrect assessment of the severity of the process). Diagnosis is based on the patient's complaints (character of pain: sharp, pulling, etc.) and additional examinations (X-ray, computed tomography, Diagnodent laser diagnostics). After the removal of the filling, a decision is made on further treatment tactics.
    Enamel is the outer hard tissue of the tooth that protects internal structures from damage. An experienced dentist determines enamel diseases based on the external appearance of the pathology. In addition to caries, a dentist may detect excessive enamel wear (teeth decrease in height), hypoplasia (white symmetrical spots), hyperplasia (droplet-shaped formations), fluorosis (white or yellowish stripes), or wedge-shaped defects (the cervical area of the tooth has a wedge-shaped defect). Additional research may be conducted to clarify the diagnosis.
    Differential diagnosis is the application of a set of diagnostic methods to accurately establish the nature and scale of a pathology. Differentiation is necessary in cases where different diseases have similar manifestations and symptoms. In dentistry, it is important to differentiate between carious and non-carious lesions, as well as to correctly identify the causes that led to the development of pathologies. Conducting differential diagnosis using only a visual examination may not always be sufficient.
    Diagnodent dental diagnostics

    Article author:

    Olena Daynetska, chief Doctor of iStomatolog Dental Center

    During a consultation at iStomatolog dental clinic, you have the opportunity to receive digital and video diagnostics, a detailed treatment plan, as well as the overall cost of all stages of treatment.

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