Dr. Andrij Shevchuk
  • Dentist, Leading Doctor

Dr. Andrij Shevchuk


Since 2017, a member of the American Association of Orthodontists. He has been working in the
iStomatolog team from the beginning of 2018 to the present. Since 2012, it has been improving its skills in the areas of:

  • correction of bite problems;
  • normalization of jaw growth in children and adolescents using removable and fixed devices, and bracket systems;
  • correction of occlusion in adult patients with ceramic, metal and self-ligating ligature-free bracket systems;
  • conducting orthodontic preparations before implantation and prosthetics;
  • restoration of defects in the dentition orthodontic; skeletal support treatment (microimplant system).

He attends master classes by leading specialists in the field of orthodontic dentistry from around the world, actively participates in international dental symposia and conferences.


Graduated from the National Medical University named after Bogomolets, Kiev


Finished internship

on the basis of the Institute of Postgraduate Education of the Medical University named after Bogomolets, Kiev

Got a specialization in orthodontics

in the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P.L. Shupika, Kiev

Finished courses

"Stable results of orthodontic treatment norm or accident" Dr. Beata Walawska

Dentist in the center of family dentistry iStomatolog


Advanced training

in "Orthonavigation" courses "orthodontic appliances and their mechanics" Dr. Mariusz Wilk, Dr. Joanna Jabłońska-Zrobek

Advanced training courses

"When and how to treat class II pathology" Prof. Nazan Kucukkeles

Participated in the Abu Dhabi Orthodontic Congress

"HI OHI-S Orthodontics congress" Monica Casadei, David Sanz, Aladin Sabbagh, Mark Wertheimer, Hyo-Sang Park

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