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Dental tourism to Ukraine

Family dentistry center iStomatolog has been offering a full range of stomatological services for several years for the purpose of a full aesthetic and functional rehabilitation for patients from foreign countries.

Namely: medical treatment, prosthetic dentistry, dental implantation, stomatoplasty, orthodontic treatment, aesthetic veneer and metal-free facing, tooth restoration with the latest dental composite filling, periodontal disease treatment with the use of a dental laser, ozone, vector therapy, plasma therapy.

We use medical materials and equipment of the best manufacturers

In our medical center we use up-to-date PRP and plasmotherapy equipment, which is approved with a European Compliance Certification (CE Marking). Being CE approved allows us to perform dental surgeries (including dental bone grafting, dental implants and sinus lift procedures) and guarantees excellent results with minimum possible obstacles.


How to make an appointment


It makes possible to establish a provisional diagnosis, plan treatment and put you up to the cost and time of the treatment stages.


Then inform us about your visit date. We reserve a required amount of visits to consult our dental practitioners.


For further questions you can email us, write in Viber or visit our page on Facebook.

SPA-hotel «Vyshegrad»

The cost of accommodation for 14 days is

500 EUR

  • Reception at the airport
  • Transfer to SPA-hotel «Vyshegrad»
  • Accommodation for 14 days (breakfast included)
  • Transfer from the hotel to the dental center «iStomatolog» for treatment and back
  • Transfer to the airport

Arrangements can be made for a patient staying for a shorter or longer term – with a proportionate shift in cost. All the preliminary calculations for treatments and related services are performed in a comfortable currency for the client. The direct payment for all services is made in the national currency of Ukraine - Hryvna.

If desired, a round-trip around Kyiv is possible. Extra costs, which are not included in the cost of accommodation, are paid separately: lunch and dinner, sightseeing programs, interpreter service (in case the patient does not speak English/Russian).

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